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Merry Memories With Our Mums

Merry Memories With Our Mums

This Mother’s Day, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with the mums in our life! Meet Pete, Charlie and Andie, from the Merry People team. Today, we’re celebrating the incredible mothers who shape our lives with their love, joy, and the merry memories we share with them…

Merry Memories With: Pete & Jo

Pete is now Merry People’s Digital Performance Manager, but first he was one of four children in a family big into adventure! His mum Jo lives by the lake at Yarrawonga in country Victoria, Australia. That is, when she’s not visiting her family back in her home city, Melbourne. Luckily, she was in Melbourne just last week and Pete was able to ask her about her merry memories as a mum!

A glimpse of Jo's recent visit to see Pete at the Merry People HQ!
What Merry People boots do you have? I have the Black, Chestnut, and Dusty Pink Bobbi Boots!
Why did you pick those colours? Black is my gardening go to boot, Chestnut is my easy hop-into boot with my favourite jeans, and Dusty Pink compliments my pastel mood - especially with a denim skirt or jeans.

What's the most memorable adventure you've been on with Pete? I think going around Australia and living in a school bus we converted into a motorhome is my most epic family memory moment with Pete, ever! That's when he learnt how to crack a whip for the first time, and developed his love for adventure.

What's your favourite merry memory together? I'll never forget celebrating my 60th on a ski trip with Pete and all the rest of the crew… and leaving a continuous line of our assorted family collection of Merry People boots at the front door. (The ultimate 'AHHH' moment was slipping our feet from tight ski boot to comfy Merry People boots at the end of a big day skiing!). 

Merry Memories With: Charlie & Lisa

Meet Charlie! One of Merry People’s first employees, Charlie started as the social media manager and is now our very creative Content Lead (with her mum featuring in some of our photoshoots!). For Mother's Day, Charlie had a chat with her mum via the phone (long-distance mum life!) and here’s what Lisa had to say…

Charlie and her mum Lisa (left), Lisa and her friend Sue modelling for Merry People! (right)

(Left) Charlie and her mum, (Right) Lisa and friend Sue modelling for Merry People! 

What Merry People boots do you have? Well, I have lots. Alpine Bobbi Boots which are specifically for gardening. Oxford Blues which I wear every day to work, and the Plum & Neon Tully Boots which I keep for going out. I get soooo many compliments on them!

Why did you pick those colours? I’m not sure really, the Alpine Green reminded me of my favourite colour. The Oxford Blue was a nice colour combination and, as I come from Oxford, it seemed very fitting! As for the Plum and Neon, well it looks jolly and that’s what evenings are all about.

What's the most memorable adventure you've been on with me? (A little FYI: Lisa read this question as the ‘me’ meaning the Merry People boots. But it was so cute we kept it in!)

Many memorable adventures, I think the best ones are the ones that people either comment on how nice they are or I spot someone else with the same boots. This happened at our local National Trust Property the other day. The lady had the Chocolate Brown ones and she said “snap”. We then had a conversation about how comfortable and wonderful they were.

Charlie and family

What's your favourite merry memory together? Charlie recently visited us in Beaconsfield to meet her niece (my grandchild) Hattie for the first time. This was a special moment for our family! Since we live on opposite ends of the globe, we don’t get to spend a lot of time in-person, so it’s always a ‘merry memory’ whenever we can be together in the same spot.

Merry Memories With: Andie & Zoe

Ever received a colourful email from us? Then you’ve read the fabulous work of Andie! Andie is our Digital Marketing Specialist, and the creative brain behind each and every email. Originally from San Francisco, she now calls Melbourne home. Andie shares her favourite memories as a mum to her three year old Zoe...

Andie and her daughter Zoe

What Merry People boots do you have? I have many! But my recent favourites are the Beetroot Bobbi Boot and the Sand Bobbi Boot.

Why did you pick those colours? I love Sand and Beetroot because I can wear them with pretty much anything in my wardrobe! I wear a lot of denim and particularly Beetroot works with any shade. And I love colour blocking Sand with bright pops of colour like burnt orange or neon green.

What's the most memorable adventure you've been on with Zoe? Hawaii holds a special place in my heart as I would go there often as a kid. So when Zoe was 11 months old, we took her to the Big Island and spent most of our time having picnics on the beach and soaking up the warm sun. Zoe's a big water baby, so she loved nothing more than splashing in the ocean waves!

What's your favourite merry memory together? The simple, everyday moments with Zoe are the best. We often sit at her table drawing and painting together or we play tea time with her stuffed toys. I just love watching her get into a creative flow, it's when she really shines!

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Our team and their mums

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