How to Style: Earthy Brown, Orange & Pomegranate Rain Boots

How to Style: Earthy Brown, Orange & Pomegranate Rain Boots - Merry People US
Earthy Brown || Orange & Pomegranate


Have you met our new Bobbi? Drawing inspiration from the Australian change of season and the rich colours of nature around us, our new Earthy Brown and Orange & Pomegranate are sure to turn heads.

To celebrate our new shades, we’ve pulled together some of the many ways to wear them! While it may be winter here in Australia - requiring us to rug up with socks and jackets - we know these babies are going to look amazing in summer. We cannot wait to see the many ways our merry community styles them, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @merrypeople or share on our Facebook page.  



Long days in the garden, muddy puddle jumps, and winter forest walks, our Earthy Brown is a classic neutral that will carry you through the day from morning yoga to afternoon naps and everywhere in between.

morning routine wearing brown boots



Evoking leaves turning to dappled shades and winter citrus, our Orange & Pomegranate teams up perfectly with classic denim and colourful pants to bring the sunshine.

close up shot for the orange and brown boots
portrait of a casual fit wearing orange boots
orange boots beside the river


... and you can even twin with your mates! 

orange and brown boots in the cabin
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Both shades will shine with a dress or skirt! Jackets are optional but necessary for cold winters.  Please tag us in your summer photos so we can enjoy some virtual sunshine!

Earthy brown boots

Our Bobbi Earthy Brown and Orange & Pomegranate are seasonal colours with limited quantities, be sure to get in quick before these beauties sell out!

umbrellas and orange boots beside the lake


Stay Merry everyone! xx

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