At Merry People, we have always aimed for transparency and candour with how our wellies are made.  In our quest to be a responsible brand, we have shared behind-the-scenes production Stories and videos and have always been willing to answer customer questions about our design and manufacturing process.  We have worked hard over the years to grow from a small wellie start-up at local markets to shipping worldwide.  This process has not only provided more employment opportunities in Australia and abroad, but also the freedom to try new initiatives in design and logistics. 

Since our start, however, we have avoided labelling ourselves a “sustainable fashion” brand.  Sustainability is a broad term that can mean something different to everyone - and where do wellies, made of rubber and neoprene sit on that spectrum?  Moreover, in the words of Patagonia, “everything we make has an impact on the planet”, so how can a new product be sustainable? While these questions are profound and a source of much conversation and debate, they also challenge us to continually improve and seek new ways to minimise harm at all levels of our business. 

Merry People is centred on the values of kindness, adventure, happiness, and authenticity. These values inspire us to create thoughtful, long-wearing products with timeless style and high-quality construction. We build Merry People products to be worn season after season, and we stand by this with a 12-month warranty.  We produce in small quantities in line with demand to ensure our products find a new home with our community, not a landfill.  Reflecting the value of the process, we never go on sale and offer our customers the true value year-round. 

Ultimately, we know that we still have a long way to go in our sustainability journey.  As we undertake this process, we would like to share more about what we are doing behind the scenes, where we come from, and our future aspirations for Merry People.

 Dani Holloway, Founder & CEO Merry People xx

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