Product design

At Merry People we think about wellies differently, bringing modern design and versatility to the classic waterproof boot.

  • We use a 100% waterproof, quality natural rubber outer to keep you dry.
  • Our boots are lined with 4mm neoprene to provide warmth and comfort for all day wear.
  • Enhanced traction sole providing additional support and grip.
  • The soles are built with arch support and include removable innersoles to allow for orthotics.
  • Merry People products are tested for durability, waterproofing and our Bobbi boots are tested for below freezing temperatures. We stand by our products with a 12 month warranty.

  • We are committed to research and development, with continual improvements in design for our current and new products.


We partner with an industry-leading manufacturer in China to fabricate our boots. The family-run factory produces for many renowned brands, and we are honoured to work with them. Their highly-skilled team assembles our boots by hand, making each pair unique.

Beyond their skill, we are grateful to have partners who understand our values and share our commitment to quality. They are friends and you can read more on our Blog from when our founder Dani attended a family wedding. 

We have been asked why we do not produce in Australia. When we started, we sought out Australian boot manufacturers certified by Ethical Clothing Australia and were unable to find a factory with the capacity, ability to scale, and equipment required. With advice from an Australian sourcing company, we looked abroad and visited countless factories before finding the right fit for our values and needs.

Ethics + Sustainability

At Merry People, we have always aimed for transparency and candour with how our wellies are made. Since our start, however, we have avoided labelling ourselves a “sustainable fashion” brand. Rather, Merry People is centred on the values of kindness, adventure, happiness, and authenticity.

These values inspire us to create thoughtful, long wearing products with timeless style and high quality construction. You can read more about our full Sustainability Journey on our blog.


We’re always working to ensure our Merry Products are produced under safe, fair, legal, and humane working conditions.


We produce our boots using natural rubber for the outer, neoprene for the lining, and vegan glue to bind.


Our wellies are vegan friendly, made with no animal products or byproducts.


We are committed to minimising our waste and environmental footprint. We monitor sales of all sizes and styles carefully to ensure we can properly forecast demand and produce accordingly. While this does sometimes result in us selling out and going into pre-orders, this also means we don’t end up with wasted boots in landfills.